Fields of activity


  • Environment-friendly technologies to produce staple and continuous fibres from polysaccharides,  and preparation of microcrystalline forms
  • Conferring functionality upon cellulose products (non-flammable, bioactive products)
  • Preparation of fibres from plant proteins.
  • Modification and processing  of natural polymers to fibres, film and non-woven
  • Nano- and micro- structures based on biopolymers
  • New  technologies for fibrous materials mainly from non-wooden resources for application in paper and paperboard  
  • Chlorine-free (environment-friendly) bleaching of fibrous materials
  • Non-conventional resources for the production of fibrous pulps to appease wood shortage
  • Use of biomass  in the manufacture of cellulose pulp dissolvable in alkalis  and in the preparation of nano-fibres



  • The use of biopolymers in the reconstruction peripheral nerves , in the preparation of biocomposite materials for healing of wounds and bedsores, and for the sealing of  vessel prostheses
  • Bioactive nano-composites applied in tissue engineering
  • Anti-cancer preparations based on natural polymers
  • Substrates from renewable resources for tissue culture
  • Protein biocomposites  for medical , cosmetic and paper application
  • Plant protection agents



  • Biocatalysis  in the  processes of modifying the structure of biopolymers
  • New medical uses of bacterial cellulose modified with bioactive polymers derived from renewable resources (chitosan, cationic starch)
  • Improving of natural polymers biodegradation including waste materials  (chitosan, cellulose, starch) for the preparation of  oligomers


Synthetic polymers and fibres

  • Synthesis of thermoplastic biodegradable polymers (aliphatic-aromatic copoliesters, copoliestroamides)
  • Wholly aromatic LC copolyesters  for non-flammable and high tenacity materials
  • Processing of  thermoplastic  polymers to fibres , nonwoven , film w including biodegradable and bioactive materials
  • Electrospinning from the melt
  • Combining electrospinning with melt blowing to prepare unique filtration materials
  • Preparation of functional nonwoven as medical, filtering and nano-filtering materials
  • Advanced, high-quality packaging materials
  • Modification of thermoplastic polymers as, amongst other, nano-fillers.
  • Chemical recycling of fibre-grade  polymers  (reuse of  PET and PA waste) for the synthesis of a new type of compounds.



  • Nano-materials (nano-fibres by electrospinning) from biopolymers for cell culture and surgery prostheses
  • Novelty fibrous textiles based on multicomponent nano- nonwoven or combining of nano-nonwoven layers with other nonwovens or textiles
  • Elektrospray: nano-fibrous modification of textiles (nano-layer covers)
  • Functionalizing of polymeric materials with nano-particles of active substances




Paper technology

  • Advanced technology of paper manufacture for special applications
  • Energy management  in paper manufacture.
  • Energy management  in waste paper processing
  • Harnessing paper technology to the production of of non-cellulose products e.g. special filter materials
  • Composites from renewable resources.


Enviroment protection

  • Modern technology  for the purification of  of paper  sewage
  • Development of methodology for assessing air contamination in paper industry
  • Development of techniques to limit emissions of hazardous gases  
  • Methodology  for the monitoring  of emissions in paper industry
  • Water and waste-water management in paper industry
  • Development  of methods to recycle and reuse of waste materials.
  • Analytical methods for the determination of hazardous substances in the environment and paper products
  • Up-dating and evaluating Best Available Techniques and reference documents
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