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In 1950, The Minister of Light Industry called to life the Institute of Synthetic and Artificial Fibres in Jelenia Góra in the frame of the of the Main Textile Institute. In the course of organizational activities, the Ministry of Chemical Industry was formed which took control over the new unit changing its name to Institute of Artificial and Synthetic Fibres in Łódź with a temporary seat in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

On  1st.of January 1952, the Institute started its activities. It incorporated: a part of the former Institute of Synthetic and Artificial Fibres , the laboratory of polyamide  fibres of the National Works of Artificial Fibres in Jelenia Góra, Department of Artificial Fibres of the Main Textile Institute and the Bureau of Studies of the  1st May Widzewian Works of Cotton Industry.

On the turn of 1952/1953 the Jelenia Góra part of the Institute was translocated to Gorzów Wielkopolski. Thus the management, administeation and part of the scientific sections were located in Gorzów in the estate of the Artificial Fibre Works “Stilon”, the remaining portion being in Lodź within the Main Textile Institute. The distant location caused inconveniences in staff recruitment and contacts with academic centres. This was the reason why on 1st, September 1955, the Association of Chemical Fibres decided to shift the Institute’s management from Gorzów Wielkopolski to Łódź at ul. Gdańska 91 (street). Three years later, the Institute moved to its new seat in Łódź at ul. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 19/27 (street)  where it is still located.


In 1974, the Institute of Artificial and Synthetic Fibres changed its name to Institute of Chemical Fibres, and on 3rd, March 2006, The Minister of Ecnomy conferred upon it the name of Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres.

The Institute’s activity was concentrated on research and development works and implementation to commercial scale in the domain of processing, modification and application of biopolymers, and manufacturing techniques, processing and application of chemical fibres as well as other polymeric and related products.

Effective 1st. of July 2007, the Institute of Pulp and Paper was incorporated into the structure of the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres by a decree of the Minister of Economy.

The history of the Institute of Pulp and Paper goes back to the first years after world war II when the industry  was step-wise resuming operation necessitating the formation of an R& D unit to serve the entire pulp and paper industry. In October 1947, the Experimental Paper Laboratory was created in Włocławek which in May 1947 was translocated to Łódź and given the name of Central Pulp and Paper Laboratory. The Laboratory  developed intensive activities in a wide span:  mediatory analyses, survey of and assistance to industrial laboratories. staff education and an increasing  extent of own and granted research works

In 1952, by decree of the Minister of Chemical Industry, the Laboratory was transformed into the Institute of Pulp and Paper.

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