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Institute of  Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres, accreditation certyficate No AB 388 comprises parts:

Laboratory of Metrology  renders services in the  testing of  fibres, yarns, textiles and medical devices. The testing comprises useful and physical-mechanical properties of textile and medical materiale according to European standards EN, international ISO standards and Polish standards

Laboratory of Microbiology  tests antibacterial and antifungal properties of textiles.

Laboratory of Biodegradation assesses the susceptibility of  polymeric and textile materials to biological degradation caused by microorganisms occurring in aqueous , compost and soil medium.

Laboratory of Paper Quality certificate No AB 065, renders services in the  testing of  raw materials, intermediate products and various papers and paper products

Laboratory of Environment Protection certificate No AB 551, renders services in measurements and analyses concerning environment protection.

Department of Certification, certificate of accreditation No AC 062,  certifies  paper materials. The Department issues  certificates of quality „Q”, of safety „B”, ecological certificates, certificates of conformity with standard documentary and „UN” certificates for packaging of hazardous materials.

Team of Biomaterials and Physical-Chemical Laboratory  perform testing in conformity with Good Laboratory Practice OECD.  The physical, chemical and biochemical testing of polymers and enzymes is made in conformity with the Directive 2004/10/WE  of the European Parliament and  European Council.

The testing includes:

  • biopolymers
  • special synthetic polymers for uses in  medical, hygiene and sanitarny materiale  and In the ford industry
  • enzymes.

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