Laboratory of Biodegradation

Laboratory Leader: Katarzyna Dziedziczak, Ph.D., Eng.

tel: 0 42 638 03 31, e-mail:

The laboratory assesses the susceptibility of  polymeric and textile materials to biological degradation caused by microorganisms occurring in natural environment. The testing of biodegradation  is carried out in oxygen condition using innovative methods like respirometric testing with a continuous reading of the delivered CO2 . The modern equipment MICRO-OXYMAX RESPIROMETER is used In the testing.  The testing is done in accordance  with  international standards :

The methodology of the biodegradability testing has been prepared on the ground of following standards:

· testing in aqueous medium :

    • PN-EN ISO 14 852: 2007
    • PN-EN ISO 8192: 2007

      · testing in compost medium:

        • PN-EN ISO 20 200: 2007
        • PN-EN ISO 14 045: 2005
        • PN-EN ISO 14 806: 2010

          · testing in soil medium :

            • PN-EN ISO 11 266: 1997
            • PN-EN ISO 11 721-1: 2002
            • PN-EN ISO 11 721-2: 2002

              In the assessment of biodegradation following analytical methods are applied: gel chromatography GPC, IR spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis and scanning electron microscopy.

              The introduction of the  quality management system PN-EN-ISO/IEC – 17 025: 2005  is expected In short time adding a new value to the laboratory.  The system is bestowed upon by the Polish Accreditation Centre (PCA) - AB 388. Implementation of the ISO quality management  shall contribute to the forming of an unique laboratory well prepared for conducting research in and assessment of a wide range of not only polymeric materials  but also textiles and packaging and other. The laboratory shall thus attain European standards and count amongst the leading places in the EU in the specific domain


              Stanowisko obserwacji mikroskopowej
              Stanowisko dokumentacji fotograficznej
              Stanowisko do przygotowywania kąpieli biodegradacyjnej

              Stanowisko badań w środowisku kompostowym i glebowym
              Stanowisko badań respirometrycznych materiałów polimerowych i wyrobów włókienniczych w środowisku wodnym
              Stanowisko badań respirometrycznych materiałów biomasowych w środowisku wodnym

              Stanowisko strefy przygotowawczej do badań respirometrycznych
              Innowacyjna Gospodarka - Narodowa Strategia Spójności
              Unia Europejska - Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego

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