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The Institute of  Biopolimers and Chemical Fibres (Institute of Chemical Fibres up to 2006) is since the beginning of 1993 editor of Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe (, a scientific English language periodical with Polish excerpts devoted to to R&D in the domain of manufacture and  processing of fibre-forming polymers including biopolymers , fibres , textiles and textile industry. It also deals with economy problems conferences, symposia and  world-wide progress in fibre and textiles.

The title reflects the original character of the periodical created as a forum for authors from Poland and the East European Region which that time underwent a political and economical transformation. Presently the title must be regarded solely as historical one, since FT&EE is now  open for authors from all over the world. From almost its start, the periodical has been indexed by leading international bases like Chemical Abstract, Referativny Zhurnal, Elsevier Geo Abstracts, Rapra Technology, World Textile Publications, Textile Institute – Manchester and British Library.

Since the beginning of 1999 (Vol.7, No.1) Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) Filadelfia, USA has inserted Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe into the so-called„ Filadelfia List” (ISI Master Journal List), containing leading scientific world periodicals, indexing our articles in its data bases like Material Science Citation Index. Since 2002, the title has the so-called Impact Factor and is presently one of only three periodicals devoted to the specific wide domain that can be found in the List.”.

In 1999 Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe was awarded the Golden Honorary Mark of Distinction by the Polish Textile Association.

Titles of all papers, abstracts in Polish and English language and authors index can be found in the Internet  from the very beginning of the periodical. For issues from the mid of 2002 (Vol.10, No.3) full texts of all publcations are available free and without limitation under,providing an excellent chance of quick and wide dissemination of the authors’ achievements. Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe is a quarterly, however, special additional  numbers are issued devoted to selected scientific problems.

The periodical is for Polish scientists in the textile area a convenient forum for disclosing their achievements and confronting with world-wide  science.

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