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Team of Biomaterials


Team Leader: Magdalena Kucharska, Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng.
tel:   +48 42 638 03 47, e-mail:

The team investigates and elaborates new biomaterials based on natural and synthetic polymers.

Main research fields:

  • biopolymers and their application in, amongst other, medicine and agriculture
  • physical-chemical modification of chitin and chitosan (new useful forms)
  • advanced medical dressings including multifunctional
  • composite biomaterials
  • preparation and modification of implants
  • preparation of media for cell culture
  • preparations for plant protection and care

The section is in possession of a clean laboratory in the D class of purity (surface 114 m2)

Laboratory  of biomaterials – „clean zone” Lyophilizing Cabinet Alpha 1-4
Reactor LABOR PILOT 2000/4 Roller coater
Freeze dryer  ALPHA 1-4 Ultrasonic homogenizer UP200S


  • freeze dryer (Lyophilizing Cabinet) , LDC 1M MARTIN CHRIST ALPHA 1-4
  • device for automatic viscosity measurements, Schott CT 52
  • Brookfield viscometer, RV DV-II + PRO CP
  • flow reactor, IKA - WERKE LABOR PILOT 2000/4
  • laminar chamber
  • homogenizers, IKA - WERKE, T50 basic, T50
  • water preparation plant (reverse osmosis), ECO - TECHNICA, RO 4001500
  • coater, Ernst Benz LFV 350/2 RFA
  • sterilizer, "SMS" ASVE
  • ultrafiltration unit, Sartorius Vivaflow 200
  • fluidized-solids drying plant, Cambrige Science Park, MK
  • Laboratory scale Spray Dryer B-290, Buchi
  • Ultrasonic homogenizer UP200S, Hielscher
  • Freeze dryer (Lyophilizing Cabinet) ALPHA 1-4, MARTIN CHRIST GmbH
  • Laboratory centrifuge MPW 380, MPW MED.INSTRUMENTS
  • Control Coater,RK Printcoat Instruments
  • Water purification systems production, HLP-30UV, Hydrolab


Several of the prepared materials have been implemented to commercial scale or are ready for implementation, like :

  • polypropylene/chitosan non-woven for medical dressings
  • “ChorioChit “, a dressing composed of human placenta and microcrystalline chitosan
  • anti-microbial and anti-mite chemical fibres
  • anti-rheumatic textile materials containing amber
  • chitosan-based  agent “Biochikol 020 PC” for plant protection
Chitosan prosthesis of peripheral nerve Chitosan-modified surgical mesh  Haemostatic dressing TROMBOGUARD+
Modified vessel prosthesis Chitosan dressing sponge  
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Unia Europejska - Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego

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