Technologies offered for implementation

1.Technology to produce functional chitosan fibres in big laboratory scale

A technology was prepared for the manufacture of chitosan, chitosan-alginate and chitosan-fibroin fibres. Multifilament chitosan fibres were used in biodegradable surgical meshes. The   biodegradable bicomponent fibres were successfully  applied in medical dressing having unique properties. Acquired experience in the spinning od chitosan and bicomponent fibres allows to  implement the process in commercial scale. An agreement was concluded with a German partner for the use  of chitosan fibres in the preparation of cell growth matrices    


2.Special and composite materials

A technology was prepared for the manufacture of various filtration and insulation materials from ultra-fine glass and ceramic and other ceramic and synthetic  fibres. The materials are particularly designed for  uses in air filters with a separation efficiency of  up to 99,9999 or even 99,99995% equivalent to penetration below 1,10‑4%. It is the range suitable to HEPA (High Efficincy Particulate Airfilter) and ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Airfilter) filters used in “clean rooms”. The department of Pilot Production offers the manufacture of experimental and commercial batches of the aforesaid materials according to customer technical demands


3. Technology to prepare haemostatic and wound-accelerating dressing

The haemostatic and wound-accelerating dressing is designed for first aid and application onto traumatic wounds. Except of its protective fiunction ( protection against the environment, water tightness microbiological barrier, antimicrobial properties) it provides haemostatic  and protects the wound against secondary infection.


4. Fbres and non-woven made of biodegradable polymers

In IBChF investigations are conducted aimed at the preparation od a biodegradable polymer based on aliphatic-aromatic co-polyesters. The possibility is also studied  of an application of such polymer and other commercially available biodegradable polymers in the preparation of fibres and nonwoven  by melt-blown and  spun-bond techniques and electrospinning. The obtained products to be used in technical , medical and agriculture materials.

An other offer is concerned with the preparation of technology for  and manufacture of various hand-made papers for archive and conservation purposes.


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