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Tests and analyses

We offer a wide range of tests and analyses for R&D, implementation activities, advisory and expert opinions:

Laboratory of  Metrology: testing of fibres, yarn ,textiles and medical devices

The laboratory tests usefulness and physical-mechanical features of textile and medical materials according to European (EN), international (ISO) and Polish (PN)

See the full offer of the Laboratory of  Metrology


Laboratory of Microbiology – unique in Poland,  renders services in the range of microbiological activity testing of fibres and textiles (evaluation of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity)

See the full offer of the Laboratory of Microbiology 


Laboratory of Environment Protection – measurements and analyses concerning environment protection mainly in the monitoring of emissions

See the full offer of the Laboratory of Environment Protection

Laboratory of Paper Quality – testing of  raw-and  intermediate  materials and various paper products . The range of accreditation of the Laboratory comprises about 70 tests..

See the full offer of the Laboratory of Paper Quality


Laboratory of Biodegradation –evaluates the biodegradability of natural and synthetic polymers  in water- , compost –and soil medium in accordance with international and European standards.

See the full offer of the Laboratory of Biodegradation


Physical-chemical Laboratory – services in the range of polymer chemistry and physical chemistry. Examined are novelty and modified polymers.  The Laboratory is equipped with modern equipment. Most of the  offered testing methods counts to the GLP system.( Good Laboratory Practice)

See the full offer of the Physical-chemical Laboratory


Team of Speciality Fibres– conducts investigations in the estimation of thermal properties of polymers and fibres.

See the full offer of the Team of Speciality Fibres.


The Scanning Electron Microscopy Room acting within the Departament of Specialty Fibres is equipped with the scanning microscope FEI QUANTA 200 by which inspection of various preparations can be made in three vacuum modes..

See the full offer of the Scanning Electron Microscopy Room


Laboratory of Acarology  unique in Poland – estimates anti-mite properties of fibres and textiles according to the French standard NF G39-011: "Textiles and polymeric materials with ant-mite properties. Characteristics and anti-mite test".

See the full offer of the Laboratory of Acarology 


Section of Synthetic Fibres Spinning - estimates the suitability of polymers to melt spinning  (softening point, melting point . melt flow ratio and filterability).

See the full offer of the Team of Synthetic Fibres Spinning

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